Monday, January 11, 2010

Career Path

My Career Path

Two months from now is the fast approaching of our graduation day and I think now would be the best time of making plans for my career. After graduation if I will be able to complete my case before it approaches I plan to take the board exam on the month of July. Right after graduation I will be enrolling in a review center by April and I plan to take it here in Davao City. But if ever I won’t be able to complete my cases by March then I plan to take the board exam by November. And after graduation I will stay in manila for the summer. It will be good if I take a vacation before the review for the board exam starts. After taking the board exam on July I will to go to Manila by August and stay there with my sisters for 4 months. While staying in Manila and the result comes up and I receive my license, I plan to take some trainings and seminars there. By January 2011 I will be coming back here in Mindanao and I will continue to take some trainings and seminar and maybe become a volunteer. By June 2011 I will be applying in a tertiary hospital whether in Manila, General Santos or Davao City maybe. The salary that I will be receiving will be divided and half of it I will be giving it to my parents regularly and the other half will go to my savings. I plan to work in a tertiary hospital for 1 year and after that 1 year experience I plan to take the NCLEX. After passing the NCLEX I plan to apply for work in abroad in US maybe and while applying and waiting I will continue to work in a hospital to buy me some time of experience. Three years after graduation I assume that I am already a registered nurse who have undergone many trainings and seminars and also became a volunteer. And who have work in a tertiary hospital for 2 years and have passed the NCLEX. Also in this year I’m already applying for abroad and I’m just waiting to be hired.

I'm only read this career plan from one of the student in Ateneo. I'm really admired to the person who wrote this kind of career path.

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