Monday, December 21, 2009

Friends Poem

I know you have a friend

who buys you lunch

tickles you to life

shapes your dreams

a friend whose palms

open up like sunflowers

to the scorching sun

that Friend

who smiles despite

an arrow on her side

Floats and waits

to buoy the drowning

Like me submerged in

simple selfishness

The work structure or organized was Thankful of having a Good friend that cares on you, the poem begun seriously, it go next to be more Happy because his friend is caring about him. He was considerate of caring other person. The plot of the poem when his friend help him in everyday activity. It relates on its emotion of the poem.

The reader responds i like the poem because it talk about good friendship that all of us can relate.

Sunday Night

Last night me and my family sitting in sala after dinner. My mother talks about this coming elections that's why I open about the massacre in Maguindanao since my mother is never seen the news because our electricity is not yet okey ( hopefully we fix it before Christmas) .I told her everything about what I heard and what I read in news since I can watched tv on internet . Details by details from the massacre, 57 people victims and most of them are journalist. My mother didn't shock for what I told her, she already knew who are the Ampatuan's family. My mother said that they are the most powerful in the Maguindanao, they are the law in their place but my mother can't imagined that Ampatuan's not afraid to killed even journalist not only one but a 31 journalist . My mother hoping that the justice will be prevail even if the opponent are powerful.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ex-Child Assasin of Ampatuan

A man who admits to have worked as a child assassin for the powerful Ampatuan clan based in Maguindanao province came forward with "shocking" testimony of mass murders carried out by young boys in the service of the Ampatuan family.

"Abdul" (not his real name) told ABS-CBN News that he was 12 when Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan allegedly sent him on a mission to kill one of the family's political rivals—a councilor for Sultan Kudarat.

Abdul said he had been in the family's service since he was 10. The Ampatuans funded his education from 4th grade to 3rd year high school.

When the Ampatuans allegedly ordered him to kill the councilor, then 12-year-old Abdul did not disappoint.

" I was allowed to enter the councilor's house. I waited for him to come home. When he came home, that's when I would kill him”Abdul told ABS-CBN News in an interview 2 weeks ago.

“But I had companions. I was the only one who entered the house. I was in my school uniform. I would go in and out of places, no one would stop me.” he said.

As a child assassin for the Ampatuans, Abdul said he killed no less than 100 people.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Guys, please read this wonderful story about the girl who want to marry a rich guy because of her high ambition. She always dreamed to own a mansion, precious jewelries and expensive dresses. Here the story start:

“Mathilde one of the pretty girls in their place, came from a middle class family and have married an accountancy of her same class. She was always unhappy because she feel that she was intended for a life of refinement and luxury. She always dreamed that she would own a huge mansion, a enumerable number of precious jewelries and expensive dresses. One day her husband went home with an invitation to a ball, all the wealthy people were invited in the ball . Mathilde thought that if ever she could meet some rich in the ball and would ask her to marry her she would leave her husband. But Mathilde had a very huge problem, she doesn't have anything to ware so she ask money to her husband, her husband gave her all his savings and Mathilde went on shopping. On the day before the ball Mathilde again had a problem, a\she got nothing jewelry to ware, not even a single one. Her husband with no money left asked her if she could just borrow from her friends, Mathilde tried. Luckily her friend lend her a diamond necklace, just what she wanted.
On the night of the ball Mathilde was a success, she was the most beautiful women in the ball, all of the man would love to dance with her. She enjoyed all night without thinking of anything not even her husband. On the four of the morning Mathilde and her husband rode a cab to go home. When they got home Mathilde looked at the mirror, to her surprise the necklace was no longer in her neck, she screamed for help to her husband. Her husband immediately went outside in search for the missing necklace. But unfortunately the necklace was no longer in sight. They thought of replacing the necklace with one that looks exactly like the lost one. When they asked the jeweler how much the necklace cost it occurred that the necklace was worth four hundred thousand francs. They immediately went home and borrowed money to a couple of people. When Mathilde returned the necklace to her friend, she didn't recognized that it was a new one. Then they went home and calculated how they would pay their debts. They worked night and day. Rest was no longer a part of their lives. They have been like this for ten years. One day while Mathilde was walking she saw her friend and approached her. Her friend merely recognize her because Mathilde looks old and ugly. She narrated what really had happened the past ten years. To her surprise her friend told her that the necklace she lost was fake and it merely cost five hundred francs.”

I like the story because it portrays the Filipinos who marry foreigner just to change the status quo and get what they wanted and longing for, but not all but mostly.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Philippine troops kill one militant after jailbreak

Troops hunting for dozens of Islamic militants who made a stunning jailbreak on a southern Philippine island killed one of the escapees and recaptured another Monday

The weekend escape was the latest in an upsurge of violence on Basilan island that prompted the local government to call on President Gloria Arroyo to implement emergency rule there and send in more troops.

Much of the violence has been blamed on the Abu Sayyaf, a small band of militants accused of carrying out the nation's worst attacks, and whose members were among the 31 prisoners who escaped from Basilan's main jail.

"(We need) a state of emergency, if only to finish this once and for all, to apprehend and prosecute all of these Abu Sayyaf," Basilan vice governor Al Rasheed Sakalahul told AFP on Monday.

"We need more troops in the province."

As he made his appeal, soldiers and police fanned out across Abu Sayyaf strongholds on Basilan in search of the escapees.

Two of them were cornered in a jungle area that is known to be an Abu Sayyaf hideout, sparking a brief gunbattle, according to Basilan police commander Superintendent Abubakar Tulawie.

One of the escapees was killed in the clash, and the other was captured, Tulawie told reporters.

Authorities said over 100 militants stormed the poorly guarded Basilan jail before dawn on Sunday to secure the release of inmates. One prison guard and one of the militant raiders died during gunbattles.

About 20 of the escapees were Abu Sayyaf members, according to Sakalahul.

But two senior members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a bigger rebel group that has been fighting for an independent homeland in the southern Philippines, were also among those who escaped, Sakalahul said.

The MILF guerrillas had been jailed for their role in beheading 10 of 14 Philippine Marines snared in an ambush on Basilan in 2007.

Sakalahul said the MILF may have also been involved in organising the mass escape.

But the 12,000-strong MILF, which is holding peace talks with the government, denied it was behind the jailbreak.

"It is not the handywork of the MILF. That is very clear. The perpetrators apparently belong to the Abu Sayyaf group," MILF spokesman Eid Kabalu told AFP.

US troops have been deployed on Basilan and other parts of the southern Philippines since late 2001 to train the local military in how to combat the threat from Muslim insurgents.

But kidnappings, murders and bomb attacks have continued throughout that time, and there has been a spike in violence in recent months.

One of three hostages kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf on November 10 was murdered last week, with his severed head dumped in a Basilan park.

The following day a college professor was abducted, and police again blamed the Abu Sayyaf, which is believed to have only a few hundred militants in total.

The Abu Sayyaf was also blamed for the beheading of a school principal on nearby Jolo island last month, just days before US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Manila to affirm security ties.

In September, two US soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb on Jolo in the deadliest attack on American forces so far blamed on the Abu Sayyaf.

Abu Sayyaf attacks have left at least 48 Filipino soldiers and 71 insurgents dead since January, according to an AFP tally based on police and military reports.

New Life

I read this short story in her life when she's only 8 years old up to 14 years old. Here is it:

The next seven years of my life were mostly spent in school. Since I was young I loved the spotlight, the attention of my teachers and classmates whenever I participate in school activities. That’s the

reason that I love joining academic and extracurricular activities in school.

I have joined almost every club available and became actively participative in it. Them I was constantly appointed to being the officer- in class in the different clubs and even in small group activities. In other word I’ve always been chosen and trusted to lead the group. I enjoyed the privileged of being the leader; being the one on top, the one that every body looks up to, everyone listens to and everyone follows. At first I thought that being a leader was easy, all I should do was order people around to teach them what they have to do and just get the job done. Then a certain experience made me realize that leading isn’t as easy as what I have expected it to be. At one point in time I felt the power of being a leader, and that filled me in a negative way; I became too bossy, I didn’t mind what my group has to say or how they felt. As long as we got the job done and as long as we won the competitions at was all good for me. Then it came up, my group is no longer happy by my leadership. We had an open forum, that’s the time they were able to tell me how they truly felt. Then the one that struck me the most was when they said that- I used to be their friend, I used to treat them well, that I used to be a good listener, that we used to have fun, used to laugh together- that I used to have a good relationship with them, that’s the reason why they chose me as their leader. But I’ve changed in a bad way. I’ve realized that I was wrong and made an act to change all of that. I’ve changed my leadership style from an autocratic style; that acts in a command and control fashion to a more democratic style; where I encourage participation with an emphasis on both task accomplishment and development of people in my group.

I have learned that to be an effective leader I should be able to inspire others to work hard to be able to accomplish our tasks and reach our goals. and that leading is building the commitments and enthusiasm in order for my group to explore their talents and use it to our groups advantage.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tribal Gunmen Hostage dozens of People

The Mapatuan Massacre in Maguindanao in not yet been solve, the government did all their best to solve this case but now here is another problem that the government face it. Read this news :

The small group of gunmen raided a school in a small farming village in the Agusan valley region of the southern island of Mindanao on Thursday and took 75 hostages, including children and relatives of their local rivals.
Twenty-eight hostages, including 18 children were later freed.
"I outlined to them a certain scenario that would happen if they refused to release the remaining hostages," local social worker Josefina Bajade, the chief government negotiator in the crisis, told AFP.

She would not discuss details. Provincial government officials later met the most senior police and military officials of Agusan del Sur province here to consider their options.
The officials gave no comment but security sources told AFP on condition of anonymity that the use of force to end the crisis could not be ruled out.
About 400 soldiers and police have deployed in the area amid concern that the kidnappers would harm the hostages, who have been forced to sleep on the ground due to the primitive conditions there, according to government officials who visited the area.
The security sources said there were 19 kidnappers armed with assault rifles who were guarding 47 captives held in and around a hut in a clearing of a thickly forested mountain.
They said that while these people had not received formal combat training, they were convinced that the suspects would not hesitate to kill the hostages, noting that some of them have outstanding arrest warrants for clan war-related murders.
"There are 47 hostages still -- 45 men and two women," Santiago Cane, the vice governor of the province who joined the negotiator in her visit to the gunmen's hideout on Friday, when they also delivered food.
"We will continue to negotiate in the hope of producing results," he told AFP.
Bajade visited the gunmen's hideout in a mountainous area early Saturday but returned grim-faced in mid-morning, having failed to win the release of any more hostages after two successful visits that saw the release of 28 others.
Bajade insisted that the government had not set a deadline.
Authorities have identified the gunmen as members of the Manobo tribe, and said the abduction was linked to a long-running clan dispute involving another Manobo family.
Cane said the gunmen's leader, Ondo Perez, told the negotiator he was willing to end the hostage crisis if the government arrested his local rival Joel Tubay and his armed followers, who the official said also have outstanding arrest warrants for murder.
The kidnappers were wary of retribution against their relatives if they surrendered and the Tubay group remained at large, he added.

Cane said the two clans have a long-standing dispute over land that he said has led to several deaths on both sides.
The mass kidnapping was part of a wave of violence that has swept the southern Philippines, where Muslim and communist insurgents mix with warring clans, pirates and corrupt officials.
Islamist militants on the southern island of Basilan are holding three hostages after beheading another captive on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


“Love in the morning”
Rixer Llego

Every morning i want to see you
every morning i want to hear your voice
i don't wanna let yo go
I don't want to leave you

Every morning I'm seeking your lips
every morning...
I don't wanna let you go
and i don't want to hurt you

Cause you are my love in the morning
my desire within my heart


You are mine ( I am yours)
every breath that i take
in every moment
You are mine ( i am yours)
There's a love in the morning
You're the love of my life

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The sad story of young girl

I read this sad story of a young girl. Six (6) years ago, when her dad left her mom for the 'other' woman. Her mom and dad had been married for almost 35 years. Her mom came home from work one Friday to find a note on the kitchen table saying that her dad left her and that he was sorry. She also found that her dad had taken all his stuff out of the closet and the medicine cabinet. Obviously, her mom was freaked out; the young girl helped her mom. The kid’s parents got divorced about a year or so after that fateful Friday. The young girl tries to talk to her father one time about a month after he left. The young girl have not talked to her dad or seen since then. So it’s been about 6 years since she has seen to her dad or talked to him who is really sad. She still closes with her mom however and she has made progress on getting over to her dad and made peace with the divorce. It was really hard on her.

It is really hard to a kids when your parents getting divorced, I'm really touch this story because I grew up in a wonderful family that's why I can relate this story, I fell sorry to those kids who are growing with a broken family.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Goobye Mother

My mother is planning to visit to my sister's house, that's why I and my kids will transfer to my mother in law’s house. My kids stay there while I'm working. But before she leaves, she brought me a new watch as a gift for this coming Christmas. She also buy my kids toys, we eat lunch together in some known mall here in Davao, Philippines. We spend more time with them together since my mother leaving by tomorrow morning. I can't take her in the bus terminal because I have work from 4pm until 12mid.I really worried about her traveling because of what happen in Maguindanao but she said that my sister's place is far from the Maguindanao so no need to worry about it. Right now, I'm waiting to my husband to pick me up to go home.

Friday, December 4, 2009


We received another memorandum from our boss last December 01, Tuesday in the afternoon. The subject is about Petty Cash and C/A (Cash Advance), here's the memo: This agreement served notice that Petty Cash (php 1,000.00) in cashier must not to be used in any personal financial need as payables. And all C/A (Cash Advance) be handled by the management before given to the employees. Any of the memo that will violate will serve 15 days of temporary suspension sign by General Manager.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

God is Good

What I can say about my God is, He’s the reason of my existence and He’s the reason of my everything. The reason why I am here is because of God. He has a purpose for me to be somebody and to productive in this world. He is a very loving God; he never failed to protect me from any harm, he gives me strength to do the things and strength to fight in the life’s struggle. He also gives me presence of mind in choosing mature choices of what is good or not. He also gives me wisdom to think of something that could help me as a person. And he taught me to love and share love for others.

God, the father is very awesome above all things. He guides each of us as we go on our life’s journey. Sometimes, he gives us trials to build us a stronger foundation and to test our strength. He understands and forgives us whenever we commit mistakes.

Some people do not believe in God. Some are saying that he doesn’t exist. I can prove that he exist because he showed the world his greatness that nobody can do.

How about you guys?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My kids

I really like it when my kids singing. My son and my daughter sing together " Sampung Palaka" . They are both love singing that's why when we decided to play music in our house they usually sing or dance. My kids has the potential to become a singer or dancer someday I think. When they sing I decided to take them a video on my husband's cellphone but unluckily I can't put it here because my husband's cellphone need to install the driver for the software and I cant installed here because we don't have CD ROM. My kids love to pose in front of the camera or even in a video that's why it is easy for me to take a video of them together. After I save the video, we played and watched the video in the cellphone and see the outcome and it comes out really good. Tomorrow, I can spend more time to my kids because it's my day off and I like it. I will teach them more about alphabet, letters and their names, how to write and read and most of all we can play together. So guys, sorry for tomorrow if I can't update my " "Munting Payag" hehhhe :)