Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Song for my Kids

This morning I teach my two kids how to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star . This song is very familiar in all kids. I sing the song first and then they follow, while I'm singing they wonder why I stop singing in the middle of the song hehehe they I asked me why, I told them that I forgot the next lyrics hehehe. That's why I decided to search in internet the whole lyrics of the “ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” .Here is :

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When there's nothing he shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

In the dark blue sky so deep
Through my curtains often peep
For you never close your eyes
’Til the morning sun does rise
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twilight New Moon

I'm really excited watching the continuation of twilight because I love the story of being a vampire. My mother and I is really like the love story between human(Bella) and vampire ( Edward). Here is the summary of the movie:

On her 18th birthday, Bella Swan wakes up from a dream in which she sees herself as an old woman. She expresses her distaste with growing older than her boyfriend Edward Cullen, a vampire who stopped aging at 17. Edward's adoptive family throws Bella a birthday party. While unwrapping a gift, Bella gets a paper cut, which causes Edward's brother, Jasper, to be overwhelmed by her blood's scent and attempt to kill her. Realizing the danger he and his family pose to Bella, Edward decides to end their relationship, and the Cullens move away from Forks, Washington.

Edward's departure leaves Bella heartbroken and depressed for months. However, when her father, Charlie, attempts to send her to live with her mother, Bella agrees to spend time with her friends. After seeing a movie with Jessica, Bella sees a group of men who remind her of a time when Edward rescued her previously, and she is surprised to see a vision of Edward warning her against approaching them. Bella discovers that all thrill-seeking activities grant her visions of Edward. She also finds comfort in her deepening friendship with Jacob Black, a cheerful companion who eases her pain over losing Edward. When Jacob is unable to see Bella for weeks, she discovers that he is a werewolf, an age-old enemy of vampires. Jacob's pack members are on constant patrol for Victoria, a vampire searching to kill Bella, leaving Jacob little time to spend with Bella. Alone, Bella returns to seeking thrill-inducing activities.

A series of miscommunications leads Edward to believe that Bella has killed herself while cliff-diving. Distraught over her supposed suicide, Edward flees to Italy to provoke the Volturi, a powerful coven of vampires who are capable of killing him. Alice, Edward's sister, and Bella rush to Italy to save Edward, and arrive just in time to stop him. However, the Volturi decide that Bella, a human who knows that vampires exist, must either be killed or transformed into a vampire herself. Alice stops them from killing her by showing them a vision of the future in which Bella has been transformed. Once they return home to Forks, Edward tells Bella that he has always loved her and only left town to protect her. She forgives him, and the Cullens vote in favor of Bella being transformed into a vampire, to Edward and Jacob's dismay. Edward gives Bella a choice: either she lets Alice change her after their graduation, or, if Bella agrees to marry him, he will change her himself. However, Jacob reminds them of a treaty the Cullens have made with the werewolves: they will not attack each other, as long as the Cullens never bite a human.

Friday, November 27, 2009

More Update about Maguindanao Massacre

Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr., a suspect in Monday's massacre of 57 people in Maguindanao province, submitted himself to authorities on Thursday.

A field report by ANC's Patricia Evangelista said Ampatuan Jr. turned himself in to Presidential Adviser on Mindanao Affairs Jesus Dureza.

Ampatuan Jr. was brought to a waiting helicopter bound for General Santos City, where he was turned over to Department of Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera.

From General Santos City, Ampatuan Jr. is expected to be brought to Manila for the formal inquest.

Ampatuan Jr. is expected to be brought to Manila where he will be subjected for questioning for his alleged involvement in the election-related massacre in Ampatuan town on Monday.

The hand over took place after police and military personnel secured the provincial capitol of Maguindanao and the municipal compounds of Shariff Aguak and Ampatuan towns early Thursday.

Authorities said the local government compounds were taken over to assure the peaceful turnover of Ampatuan Jr. to Dureza.

4 other suspects in massacre named

Meanwhile, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Ronaldo Puno on Thursday revealed that the entire Ampatuan clan will undergo investigation for their alleged role in the murders of 57 people, including journalists and supporters of a rival political clan in Ampatuan, Maguindanao last Monday.

In a press conference, Puno said that aside from Ampatuan Jr., the DOJ has listed four other people as suspects in the crime, including Maguindanao police provincial director Senior Superintendent Abusana Maguid, Shariff Aguak police Chief Inspector Sukarno Dikay, a certain SPO2 Bakal, and an Inspector Diobingan.

He said the four were implicated in the murders based on the statements of alleged survivors of the massacre.

Puno said Dureza had given an ultimatum to the Ampatuan clan to surrender Datu Unsay town Mayor Andal "Unsay" Ampatuan Jr. for questioning about the massacre or face the full force of the law.

Puno said law enforcers secured the provincial capitol of Maguindanao and the municipal halls of Shariff Aguak and Ampatuan and disarmed a total of 437 militiamen in the province to prevent further bloodshed.

No appeasement, negotiation

"There has never been any appeasement. There has never been any negotiation. The families of the suspect have been told what our position is on the matter. As an example, if Datu Unsay Ampatuan would not have boarded the helicopter to bring him to General Santos City and then to Manila today, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police were prepared to take action and exert all physical force to make sure that the suspect would be brought to the inquest," he told reporters.

Puno said the Department of Justice (DOJ) will also investigate other members of the Ampatuan clan for possible complicity in the murders. "We have to address this crime very, very forcefully...That is not the end of the investigation until we find and bring to justice all of those who in one way or the other involved in the conduct in this heinous crime," he said.

Law enforcers on Thursday brought the Datu Unsay mayor via helicopter to General Santos City, where he will be turned over to Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera.

At the start of the press conference, the DILG chief said the national government had to remain mum about some of the details of the government's investigation until after they were conducted. He said this included getting sworn depositions of four survivors of the massacre who were under the care of the Mangudadatus.

He said the National Police Commission has passed a resolution withdrawing the deputization of all local government units in Maguindanao. This means that the governor and municipal mayors in Maguindanao will no longer have direct supervision of police forces in their jurisdiction, he said.

"The general direction is to remove all policemen in Maguindanao and transfer them elsewhere," he said.

A local Army official, meanwhile, said the AFP has deployed one infantry battalion, one Scout Ranger battalion and two mechanized battalions to Maguindanao.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

About the Massacre in Maguindanao

I'm really shock when my husband told me about the news this afternoon it is about the Ampatuan massacre in Maguindanao. Here is the news from the newspaper: A witness in the carnage in Maguindanao that claimed the lives of at least 57 people has surfaced and claimed that he was merely “following orders” and identified Andal Ampatuan Jr. as the alleged mastermind, according to an article posted on the Al-Jazeera news website.

“Anyone from the Mangudadatu clan – women or children – should be killed... We don't ask why, we just followed orders," the witness who identified himself as “Boy” told Al-Jazeera correspondent Marga Ortigas in an interview posted on the network’s website Thursday.

“Boy” said that the orders came directly from Andal Ampatuan Jr., Datu Unsay mayor, and whose family was also an ally of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Ampatuan Jr. is the son of Maguindanao Governor Andal Sr., both belonging to the powerful Ampatuan clan in Mindanao. The younger Ampatuan was charged with multiple murder before the Department of Justice Thursday when he was surrendered by a member of his family to authorities. He was tagged by, among others, the wife of his family’s political rival, Buluan Mayor Esmael Mangudadatu, before she was killed last November 23, along with 56 others.

“Boy” admitted that he was one of the 100 armed men who stopped the six-vehicle convoy of the Mangudadatus who were on their way to file the certificate of candidacy of the Buluan mayor. Also in the convoy were Mangudadatu’s two sisters, two lawyers, and journalists who were to cover the event.

The group was massacred in a mountainous area, said “Boy,” adding that all the slain women were raped, and the journalists who were part of the convoy, also killed so that no one would talk about the incident.

The bodies of the victims were in shallow graves that were dug using an excavator, according to the report.

"Boy" said the whole process lasted little more than an hour before they abruptly abandoned the scene following a warning that members of the military were nearby, the report added.

"We didn't get to finish, which is why the excavator was left there," he said. "Someone called and said soldiers were on their way. I feel they have connections among the soldiers."

But “Boy” denied killing anyone, saying he just stood while the massacre was being carried out. He told Al-Jazeera that he was now in hiding for fear of his life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Blogging

Today is my day off so, I can't update my 3 blogs but please stay visiting my blog eventhough I'm not online. I'm so excited to day because I can rest and play with my kids. This past few days I realized that I'm did a lot that's why I feel so tried. So, guys see you next day I hope that you can visit my 3 blogs. Happy blogging to all.

Man On the Train

Did you already watch the movie “Man On The Train” ? it's all about the gangster and a teacher meet and realize that each might have been better suited to the other man's way of life. Milan, a taciturn and tired gangster who hides a couple of guns and a violent past, but would like to settle down. Manesquier, a retired teacher who has never the house where he was born and dreams of adventure. Their encounter will allow them to exchange lives for a rare moment of happiness. Milan learned how to wear slippers, smoke a pipe and talk about poetry while Manesquier learned gangster tricks and how to shoot a gun. The score, mainly played by an acoustic country guitar, is here to remind us that despite being in the most boring French countryside town, we are indeed watching a western and that things will eventually unwrap in some kind of climax.

The film only vibrates when the two characters are together. While the spectator will certainly enjoy the contrast between the two characters and their way to exchange lives, it's the actors and what they represent that is the main piece here. This film, show us that even the bad person have a chance to change their life to be a good person.

What You Can Teach To Elders

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you are left alone at home with your grandparents? How would you describe the experience? Typically, we teenagers would find it boring and uninteresting, yet we do not know that talks with our grandpa and grandma could be fun and sensible even for us youth. With more than just big hugs and wet kisses form our grandparents, we also usually receive clamors and dull talks about life lessons. But did you know that through these small talks, we can teach the elderly something from our generation? Yes, though packed with experiences, the elderly can still learn from us youth.

The youth can teach the elders the hip and relevant happenings of this generation. For instance, talking about youth activities with your grandparents raises up their enthusiasm and energy. Chatting about things like sports, shopping, fashion statements and the like, can really get them going. Old people tend to be more attentive than you think, a piece of information not common to us youth.

The youth can also teach the elderly how to live life once more, to revive and rekindle their lost feelings and emotions. Old people are stagnant in their stage of life right now. They are usually contented and happy about settling down, regardless of what is happening in the outside world. What we can do is very simple. We can play games with them, talk with them our own experiences. We must show them how to be happy in their perspective, so they can have a fruitful life in the coming years.

Impossible as it seems, old people cannot grow young. So it is up to us to show them how to enjoy whatever our generation has to offer. After all, we owe them our lives. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be here in this world. So with all these said and done, let us be the teachers of this generation. Let us impart our knowledge not only to them coming generation, but also to the generations before us. Let us be the frontiers of it all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Two Little Angel

These are my two little angel of my life. My oldest is John Angelo Paculanan Perez, 5 years old. He was born on November 07,2004. He is very choosy in what he eat, what he wear, toys and also choosing a playmate. He really like to watch " TOM & JERRY", every time I mention that I want to watch movie he always insist to watch " TOM & JERRY" even though he is already watched it many times. This is my daughter Jane Angela Paculanan Perez, 3 years old. He was born on August 20,2006. Unlike his kuya she is not choosy, she like everything like vegetable, hotdog, bread etc. She like to watched "BARBIE" movie. She love to dance and pose to take a picture. Every time I see them happy, I felt very happy too and they are my inspiration. They give me strength to face all trials comes in my life.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Everyday Schedule

At 4:00 pm I start my work at FRB Internet Cafe and business Center, located in Juan Luna near at Ateneo de Davao. I get off work at 12 midnight. After my work, I had a time to check and write a post in my blogs and visit to all my neighbors here or sometimes I will chat my friends. I used my time to earn extra income while waiting my husband. He will pick me up at 2am so I have 2 hours to get online and update my blogs. I can also put designs to my blogs to look more attractive and more inviting to all viewers and readers. The more readers and viewers you have then the more your page rank will increase. At exactly 2am my husband will pick me up and we will go home together. 10am is the time I usually woke up. After that I prepared my things to go home to our another house where I left our kids.


This coming Monday, November 23 is my husband's birthday and I'm planning to buy a gift for him. What is the best gift to give to a husband, do you have an idea guys? Before when my husband celebrated his birthday I gave him a brief 3 pcs I think. But now, I want to give him something that unique and useful. Guys, What do you think? I want to give him a memorable birthday. Hoping that he will celebrate more birthday's to come, good health and peaceful life. He is 33 years old on that day, I hope that he will more mature to do all his responsibility in his life. Advance Happy Birthday "Erly John".

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I missed my Father

When I was 14 years old, my father suffered an acute ulcer. I remember that time when my mother cries every time my father scream because of the pain. My father really look very old because of his illness, he can't eat more or even move because of that sickness. The doctor told us that my father needs more attention. When the doctor say that my father needs to take an operation because his illness is complicated but my father didn't want to go back in the hospital again maybe because he already knew that his body is already weak. My father's sister go home to take all the expenses for his operation after knowing that there is a miracle if he can survive in the operation. The operation is already scheduled but on that night my father didn't control himself to ate more than his regular meal, after that when he decided to take a rest he didn't wake up anymore. The doctor said that the operation is too late because my father can't wait on that scheduled because he surrendered. He died last March 05,1998.

About Me

Hi I'm Janet Paculanan, 25 years old. I was born on January 19 in Tarlac City. When I was 14 years old my father died in acute ulcer disease after that my mother really depressed so she decided to go back in her home town in Davao City were we grow up. When I'm in college my mother can't provide all my needs in my studies since my father died, so I decided to stop for awhile and work so that I can earn money for my studies for the next opening. I take up Computer Technology because I believed that it is really in demand nowadays. I Graduate in that course because I worked in the night as a waitress / assistant barmaid but after 6 months I transferred to other job as a cashier in a internet cafe were I'm still worked right now. I finished my course but still I continuing to work here . God gave me a two wonderful kids their name’s are John Angelo Perez and Jane Angela Perez they gave me strength to face all struggle in life. Right now, I'm planning to learn a korean language because I'm planning to abroad for my children’s future.


Hello guys, here I am again.. making a new one to share all my experiences in life. About my family, my friends, my kids, my love and all people that I encounter in my whole life. I'm welcoming all the readers to visit my new blog "Life Full of Surprises" I choosed this title because it is really related to my life it is full of surprises. On this blog I will share my personality as a woman. I will also share who I am as a mother, being a friend and a wife to my husband. So, guys please add me on your blogroll and I'm also happy to add you on my blog roll too. So guys, Happy Blogging to all of us!!! See yah :)