Saturday, March 17, 2012


Many people influence the Chinese belief in I am the one of them. I don't care if it is true or not but nothing will lost if i believe right? This year is a YEAR OF DRAGON. I was born in the year of RAT.I read in the article that to those people who born in the year of the RAT will see considerable improvement in their energy and luck in the year of 2012 compare to 2011. Events will be smoother this year for all age groups. You will be lucky in love and romance, with even chances of being blessed with babies! It is also possible to settle down this year if you already haven't. You will do well in business, career, social life, and romance too. However, take care not to indulge too much in the known vices and be cautions about gossip and vile words from others.Wise investments will bring in great harvest as you wealth luck is superb in 202. Time to rejoice even more this year with favorable shining upon you.

I really like it... Hopefully it is true but still I need to work hard. :)

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