Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Work Work Work

I'm working from Monday to Saturday at 8am to 5pm. That's why I encountered many people likes customers, personnels, and etc. Some are goods and some are not but I need to be patience. I learned so many things from my work how to handle stressful job especially in my job I almost did all our paper works. Today, I encountered an inspector from NBI, they ask me who is the owner of our business of course at first I ask them what they needs. They said that they are NBI, they conduct an inspection and our business one of they visit for inspection and they said that our business is illegal. I wonder why illegal? we get all the documents that we needed before we start our business we have a receipt, business permit, we also pay a taxes and all government rules we follows and now they said that our business is illegal? I call my boss to inform what happen. They talked through phone. My boss asked the name of inspector but they refused to gave their full name because it is confidential.

I'm really wondering because how many times I encountered to be inspect but they have a documents that can proved that they are really authorized to inspect and the have wearing ID, not like those inspector from NBI that they didn't wearing even one of them. Hahay,

I don't know what should I do.

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