Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Learn korean Language

I want to learn some basic Korean language because my boss is a Korean. I want to start from numbers, days, months because these are usually my boss asked me. Sometimes, I can't understand him because he only speak in English a little bit that's why I want to study some basic Korean language and these are what I get from searching online.

English   Korean
    1             (hana)
    2    (tul)
    3    (set)
   4    (net)
   5    (tasot)
   6    (yosot)
   7    (ilgop)
   8    (yodolp)
   9    (ahop)
 10    (yol)


English        Korean
Sunday        ilyo-il
Monday       wolyo-il
Tuesday       hwayo-il
Wednesday       suyo-il
Thursday       mogyo-il
Friday       kumyo-il
Saturday       t'oyo-il

English      Korean
January      ilwol
February     eewol
March     samwol
April     sawol
May             ohwol
June     yuwol
July            ch'ilwol
August    p'alwol
September    guwol
October            shiwol
November    shibilwol
December    shibeewol

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