Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Man On the Train

Did you already watch the movie “Man On The Train” ? it's all about the gangster and a teacher meet and realize that each might have been better suited to the other man's way of life. Milan, a taciturn and tired gangster who hides a couple of guns and a violent past, but would like to settle down. Manesquier, a retired teacher who has never the house where he was born and dreams of adventure. Their encounter will allow them to exchange lives for a rare moment of happiness. Milan learned how to wear slippers, smoke a pipe and talk about poetry while Manesquier learned gangster tricks and how to shoot a gun. The score, mainly played by an acoustic country guitar, is here to remind us that despite being in the most boring French countryside town, we are indeed watching a western and that things will eventually unwrap in some kind of climax.

The film only vibrates when the two characters are together. While the spectator will certainly enjoy the contrast between the two characters and their way to exchange lives, it's the actors and what they represent that is the main piece here. This film, show us that even the bad person have a chance to change their life to be a good person.

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