Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My kids

I really like it when my kids singing. My son and my daughter sing together " Sampung Palaka" . They are both love singing that's why when we decided to play music in our house they usually sing or dance. My kids has the potential to become a singer or dancer someday I think. When they sing I decided to take them a video on my husband's cellphone but unluckily I can't put it here because my husband's cellphone need to install the driver for the software and I cant installed here because we don't have CD ROM. My kids love to pose in front of the camera or even in a video that's why it is easy for me to take a video of them together. After I save the video, we played and watched the video in the cellphone and see the outcome and it comes out really good. Tomorrow, I can spend more time to my kids because it's my day off and I like it. I will teach them more about alphabet, letters and their names, how to write and read and most of all we can play together. So guys, sorry for tomorrow if I can't update my " "Munting Payag" hehhhe :)

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