Thursday, December 3, 2009

God is Good

What I can say about my God is, He’s the reason of my existence and He’s the reason of my everything. The reason why I am here is because of God. He has a purpose for me to be somebody and to productive in this world. He is a very loving God; he never failed to protect me from any harm, he gives me strength to do the things and strength to fight in the life’s struggle. He also gives me presence of mind in choosing mature choices of what is good or not. He also gives me wisdom to think of something that could help me as a person. And he taught me to love and share love for others.

God, the father is very awesome above all things. He guides each of us as we go on our life’s journey. Sometimes, he gives us trials to build us a stronger foundation and to test our strength. He understands and forgives us whenever we commit mistakes.

Some people do not believe in God. Some are saying that he doesn’t exist. I can prove that he exist because he showed the world his greatness that nobody can do.

How about you guys?

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