Thursday, December 17, 2009


Guys, please read this wonderful story about the girl who want to marry a rich guy because of her high ambition. She always dreamed to own a mansion, precious jewelries and expensive dresses. Here the story start:

“Mathilde one of the pretty girls in their place, came from a middle class family and have married an accountancy of her same class. She was always unhappy because she feel that she was intended for a life of refinement and luxury. She always dreamed that she would own a huge mansion, a enumerable number of precious jewelries and expensive dresses. One day her husband went home with an invitation to a ball, all the wealthy people were invited in the ball . Mathilde thought that if ever she could meet some rich in the ball and would ask her to marry her she would leave her husband. But Mathilde had a very huge problem, she doesn't have anything to ware so she ask money to her husband, her husband gave her all his savings and Mathilde went on shopping. On the day before the ball Mathilde again had a problem, a\she got nothing jewelry to ware, not even a single one. Her husband with no money left asked her if she could just borrow from her friends, Mathilde tried. Luckily her friend lend her a diamond necklace, just what she wanted.
On the night of the ball Mathilde was a success, she was the most beautiful women in the ball, all of the man would love to dance with her. She enjoyed all night without thinking of anything not even her husband. On the four of the morning Mathilde and her husband rode a cab to go home. When they got home Mathilde looked at the mirror, to her surprise the necklace was no longer in her neck, she screamed for help to her husband. Her husband immediately went outside in search for the missing necklace. But unfortunately the necklace was no longer in sight. They thought of replacing the necklace with one that looks exactly like the lost one. When they asked the jeweler how much the necklace cost it occurred that the necklace was worth four hundred thousand francs. They immediately went home and borrowed money to a couple of people. When Mathilde returned the necklace to her friend, she didn't recognized that it was a new one. Then they went home and calculated how they would pay their debts. They worked night and day. Rest was no longer a part of their lives. They have been like this for ten years. One day while Mathilde was walking she saw her friend and approached her. Her friend merely recognize her because Mathilde looks old and ugly. She narrated what really had happened the past ten years. To her surprise her friend told her that the necklace she lost was fake and it merely cost five hundred francs.”

I like the story because it portrays the Filipinos who marry foreigner just to change the status quo and get what they wanted and longing for, but not all but mostly.

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