Monday, December 14, 2009

New Life

I read this short story in her life when she's only 8 years old up to 14 years old. Here is it:

The next seven years of my life were mostly spent in school. Since I was young I loved the spotlight, the attention of my teachers and classmates whenever I participate in school activities. That’s the

reason that I love joining academic and extracurricular activities in school.

I have joined almost every club available and became actively participative in it. Them I was constantly appointed to being the officer- in class in the different clubs and even in small group activities. In other word I’ve always been chosen and trusted to lead the group. I enjoyed the privileged of being the leader; being the one on top, the one that every body looks up to, everyone listens to and everyone follows. At first I thought that being a leader was easy, all I should do was order people around to teach them what they have to do and just get the job done. Then a certain experience made me realize that leading isn’t as easy as what I have expected it to be. At one point in time I felt the power of being a leader, and that filled me in a negative way; I became too bossy, I didn’t mind what my group has to say or how they felt. As long as we got the job done and as long as we won the competitions at was all good for me. Then it came up, my group is no longer happy by my leadership. We had an open forum, that’s the time they were able to tell me how they truly felt. Then the one that struck me the most was when they said that- I used to be their friend, I used to treat them well, that I used to be a good listener, that we used to have fun, used to laugh together- that I used to have a good relationship with them, that’s the reason why they chose me as their leader. But I’ve changed in a bad way. I’ve realized that I was wrong and made an act to change all of that. I’ve changed my leadership style from an autocratic style; that acts in a command and control fashion to a more democratic style; where I encourage participation with an emphasis on both task accomplishment and development of people in my group.

I have learned that to be an effective leader I should be able to inspire others to work hard to be able to accomplish our tasks and reach our goals. and that leading is building the commitments and enthusiasm in order for my group to explore their talents and use it to our groups advantage.

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