Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The sad story of young girl

I read this sad story of a young girl. Six (6) years ago, when her dad left her mom for the 'other' woman. Her mom and dad had been married for almost 35 years. Her mom came home from work one Friday to find a note on the kitchen table saying that her dad left her and that he was sorry. She also found that her dad had taken all his stuff out of the closet and the medicine cabinet. Obviously, her mom was freaked out; the young girl helped her mom. The kid’s parents got divorced about a year or so after that fateful Friday. The young girl tries to talk to her father one time about a month after he left. The young girl have not talked to her dad or seen since then. So it’s been about 6 years since she has seen to her dad or talked to him who is really sad. She still closes with her mom however and she has made progress on getting over to her dad and made peace with the divorce. It was really hard on her.

It is really hard to a kids when your parents getting divorced, I'm really touch this story because I grew up in a wonderful family that's why I can relate this story, I fell sorry to those kids who are growing with a broken family.

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